Holy Cross Catholic Church

Holy Cross Catholic church
The church is located at 15 Old Town.

This parish is served by The Salvatorians based at Christ the King, Thornbury. Tel 01454 412223

We are a 'fairtrade parish'

Parish Priests and contacts:
Local Parishoner contact: Pam Smith 01453 842618

Father George ctk@blueyonder.co.uk01454 854586

Weekend: Vigil Mass Saturday at 5.30pm
Weekdays:Mondays & Thursdays at 9.15am normally, but check noticeboard and website.

All Parish details in Weekly Bulletin on Noticeboard or on our website

Parish Groups include SVP, Programmes for preparation of the Sacraments, Choir, and support for The Ark Coffee Shop in Wotton.

Churches Together in Wotton is affiliated to the National Churches Together organisation www.cte.org.uk.

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